About Us

Our Mission

We are a unified family of churches working to support our fellow churches in Africa in a way that:
  • Provides financial support for our affiliated organizations,
  • Facilitates partnerships between churches,
  • Identifies, trains and equips missionaries,
  • Ensures accurate reporting, and
  • Delivers visionary and inspirational communications
So that we and the African churches realize God’s desire for every African to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a community of devoted disciples of Christ within walking distance of every African. God is whom we love and serve in doing this, and we are sharing in His work. The cross of Jesus Christ is our motivation. The Word of God guides us. The Holy Spirit enables us.

Our Objectives

In support of our mission, the AMA is Increasing resources, money, and people in support of Africa, facilitating great partnerships, and providing excellent accountability and reporting.

“When I get up every morning, I think about God’s work in Africa. It has changed my life and helps me keep my perspective on what is really important in life.”

- Paul Ramsey, Executive Director
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